Recital Series

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Formed in 1985, the Atlantic String Quartet (ASQ) is a versatile and professional chamber ensemble comprised of the principal string players of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra (NSO): Heather Kao, first violin; Nancy Case-Oates, second violin; Kate Read, viola; and Theo Weber, cello. In addition to their work with the full orchestra and NSO Sinfonia, the quartet produces its own Recital Series each season, presenting a broad selection of works from the rich quartet and small ensemble repertoires. The ASQ is an integral part of the creative life of its community and is known for its versatility and ability to work with music and musicians from all styles and genres.

Tickets to the Recital Series can be purchased from the Arts and Culture Centre Box Office.

The Recital Series is presented by Idea Factory.

Recital 1 October 1, 2017
Recital 2 November 26, 2017
Recital 3 March 11, 2018
Recital 4 April 8, 2018