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Special Ticketing Opportunities for NSO Masterworks Series concerts for students, teachers, and families.

Students and Parents: Get Masterworks Tickets! (click to apply)

As part of Symphony Goes to School, the NSO invites students and parents to take full advantage of the program by enrolling as Masterworks Series subscribers through the following discounted packages:

Package 1. Youth Aged 13 and Under – Requires Adult Accompaniment

Masterworks Series subscriptions for youth 13 and under are free as long as each child is accompanied by an adult who purchases his/her own Masterworks subscription at a specially reduced rate.

  • One youth (free!) + one adult for all four Masterworks concerts – $60.00*
  • One Youth (free!) + one adult for two Masterworks concerts – $30.00*
    *All ticket fees are due and payable prior to concert.

Package 2. Youth Aged 14-18 (secondary school) – Does Not Require Adult Accompaniment

Youth aged 14-18 are not required to be accompanied by an adult. Unaccompanied student packages are as follows:

  • Four Masterworks concerts – $60.00*
  • Two Masterworks concerts – $30.00*
    *All ticket fees are due and payable prior to concert.

Package 3. Youth Aged 14-18 (secondary school) – Adult Accompaniment Option

While adult accompaniment is not required for Package 2, should a student between the ages of 14 and 18 wish to be accompanied by an adult, he/she may subscribe according to the rules as listed in Package 1.

Teachers: Get Masterworks Tickets! 
(click to apply)

Schools, community groups, and private music studios who wish to attend the Masterworks Series concerts as a group/studio may do so for a group rate of $10.00 per student per concert. Each accompanying chaperone receives a complimentary ticket.

Under 30? Don’t fit into any of the categories listed above? Do we have a deal for you!

Click on one of the options below to enjoy premium live orchestral music at a fraction of the regular price.

  • TD Go NSO! (click to apply)
    Sign up for a free membership and enjoy premium concerts for $10. This offer is available to students from
  • NSO Family Plan (click to apply)
    NSO offers a special $10 ticket price to children from 6-13 when accompanied by an adult. Whether you are a season subscriber or a single ticket purchaser, this amazing offer is for you!

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