Amy Kay’s Korner

Here’s the latest from Amy Kay, our NSO Youth Ambassador…

Masterworks 1 – September 22, 2017

Friday September 22nd, I attended the NSO’s first Masterworks of the season as the Youth Ambassador. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget for many reasons and I cannot wait until the next Masterworks.

Everyone I met and talked to were very nice, and were eager to try to improve the experience in anyway they could. Mr. Hugh Donnan, the NSO’s CEO, was highly spirited, funny, and a great guide. Mr. Marc David was a very kind person, and, of course, is a very talented conductor. It was a dream come true to meet such a talented and skillful pianist such as André Laplante.

The skill of every member of the NSO is astounding. They had my complete attention from the first few notes of O Canada. I was hanging off of every note through the whole performance. They created such an enticing atmosphere that you didn’t want to look away. There was not a single bow or breath out of place. When it came to Laplante’s solo during Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor it was completely silent. If there was any noise before that point it stopped immediately. Laplante is absolutely phenomenal.

Getting to talk to everyone at intermission was great too. It was wonderful to see so many elementary, junior high, and high school students and to get to talk to them all. They all had very interesting things to say and I found it quite gratifying. I also got offered an amazing opportunity to further my skills on the clarinet.