About the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra: Established in 1962 and incorporated in 1979, the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra helps make our province a better place in which to live by fostering the live performance of orchestral music.  With nearly 70% of our annual expenses directed onstage, the orchestra performs more than 25 times each year offering educational and concert experiences to more than 15,000 Newfoundlanders & Labradorians, including many young music lovers.

Situated on the eastern edge of North America, the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra completes the network of Canadian orchestras – from Pacific to Atlantic.  The NSO is the only orchestra and largest arts organization in Newfoundland and Labrador and is by far the largest employer of professional musicians in the province.  Of its current membership, 15% are contract musicians, 37% are Fee-Per-Service (FPS) players, 22% are students from the School of Music – MUN, and 26% are community volunteers.
The NSO Sinfonia is a professional ensemble consisting of 16 string players supplemented with other musicians as required. The Atlantic String Quartet (ASQ) is the resident string quartet of the NSO and is comprised of its Concertmaster, Principal Second Violin, Principal Viola, and Principal Cellist. All three ensembles present their own series of concerts plus special events.

The Philharmonic Choir of the NSO (PCNSO) is an auditioned community choir of 86 members which was formed to support the choral activities of the NSO.  Over the past twenty-seven years, the choir has performed in many NSO productions ranging from oratorio to opera in concert.  The Newfoundland Symphony Youth Orchestra (NSYO) is a 63 member youth ensemble whose members range in age from 14-23.  While both the PCNSO and NSYO are affiliated with the NSO, each has its own governing body and independent artistic direction.

Marc David  music director


Hugh Donnan ceo
Lynn Ann Pye  patron relations
Jennifer Brennan  coordinator – education & community outreach
Dominic Greene  personnel manager
Steve Power  production manager
Valerie Holden librarian
Maria Penney marketing coordinator (volunteer)
Janet Hewson volunteer coordinator (volunteer)


Paul McDonald  chair
Tom Hickey  vice chair
Heather McKinnon past chair
Mike Powell  treasurer
Douglas Wright  corporate secretary
Victoria Warford executive committee member

Margaret Allan
Ron Beer

Andrea Rose
Kay Woodford

Marc David  music director
Hugh Donnan ceo
Kathy Conway-Ward  players’ council
Carol Joyce philharmonic choir of the nso
Geoffrey Spencer  newfoundland symphony youth orchestra
Ian Sutherland dean  school of music at memorial university

NSO Foundation Inc.
Jeff Benson  chair
Keith Wellon  trustee
Mike Powell  treasurer


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