NSO Youth Ambassador

Meet Amy Kay — the NSO Youth Ambassador

Amy Kay Partridge is a grade nine student at Brother Rice Junior High in St. John’s.

Her love of music was apparent from an early age. Wanting to learn to play the piano, Amy Kay joined Music for Young Children at the age of 6. Since graduating from Ms. Anne-Marie Fleming’s program, Amy Kay has gone on to study piano with Ms. Margie Murray-Reid recently passing the Grade Five Exam with honours. Earlier this year Amy Kay also reached her goal of placing in the Kiwanis Music Festival with a second place finish.

In elementary school Ms. Rowe supported Amy Kay’s growing love of music helping her become more proficient with the cello and clarinet as part of the school band. In junior high she continued with clarinet under the direction of the spirited Ms. Angela Dawe. During music class Amy Kay was introduced to the ukulele and guitar, both of which she has now taken on as personal interests teaching herself several songs each week.

At school Amy Kay has also been fortunate to have some very dedicated, enthusiastic and supportive teachers who provided the opportunity and expertise for her to be involved in choir, debate club, and leadership.

Amy Kay is also passionate about writing and Broadway musicals. This past spring, Amy Kay received a NL Arts & Letters award and this summer she attended Writers of Woody Point Festival where she met and spoke with world-renowned authors. As well as taking in two Broadway shows recently, Amy Kay met and had her picture taken with Broadway stars in New York City.

Amy Kay’s future goals are to complete Grade 6 piano, revise a novel she has written, and attend a university that will support her future aspiration of becoming an author. In the meantime she plans to continue in school bands and choirs, and enjoy a lifetime of music.

Amy Kay will be writing a blog about her adventures as NSO Youth Ambassador. Details coming soon!!