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Symphony Goes To School and…BEYOND!

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Music Week: Brookside Intermediate- February 5th-9th, 2018

As music students, music week at Brookside Intermediate was truly a dream come true. What else could be better than a whole week dedicated to music education? It included special events such as the Atlantic String Quartet coming in to show our musically inclined students music from around the world, with classics such as Vivaldi’s “Winter “ and “Spring”.  It also provided an opportunity to go to MUN for a “ Play In, Sing In”, in which we played Beethoven’s “ Ode To Joy” with St. Paul’s Jr High and St. Edwards elementary, along with the talent show on Friday, and viewing an astounding performance by the NSO on Friday night! The week was truly an incredible experience.

The first day of music week, we were given a thrilling presentation of classical music from the Atlantic String Quartet. We were all glad to miss class for the enchanting tunes they played for us and the rest of the music students! Each of the pieces played were full of emotion and feeling, and it was hard to look away from each of the highly animated musicians as they masterfully played away. It was captivating. Our favourite song played, we have decided, is Orange Blossom Express, due to its joyful nature and overall happy feeling.









On Thursday morning, we played Beethoven’s Ode to Joy together with two other schools. There were both instrumental bands and choirs from grades five through nine. It started with the Atlantic String Quartet (ASQ) playing some beautiful songs before we all joined in and played Ode to Joy along with the ASQ. Marc David conducted and helped each individual group to play their part. Everyone did an amazing job and it sounded incredible when it was put together.

On Friday, our school hosted our very first talent show. It was a joy to see a showcase of just a small portion of all the talent in our school! There were a variety of acts, including singing, piano playing, magic tricks, even a dance act! The three of us also got the chance to perform as our very own ninth grade band. The show lasted all morning, and every act was awesome. We can’t help but hope for future talent shows.

On Friday evening, we were able to watch the entire Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra (NSO) perform Masterworks 3: Generations at the Arts and Culture Centre. During the first half, they played Mcdonald’s The Great Rock in the Sea and were conducted by Kerri MacPhee. Then they invited to the stage two soloists, Kerson Leong, violin, and Stéphane Tétreault, cello, to perform Brahm’s Double Concerto for violin and cello, Op. 102. Both the soloists and the NSO performed exquisitely. During the second half of the show, the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Orchestra (NSYO) played along with the NSO to perform Mahler’s Symphony No.3, 6th movement. They were conducted by Marc David. It was all magnificent! I loved all of it and I would love to do it again sometime very soon.

In conclusion, we are grateful for the amazing music week at our school! Having the privilege to be Youth Ambassadors at the performance on Friday night was an excellent experience, and we thank our teachers Ms. Lori Shortall and Ms. Jill Dawe, and  the performers of the NSO and the Atlantic String Quartet for playing for us! We hope the new tradition of “Music Week” will be carried at Brookside Intermediate, as it is an experience we will never forget.   —-Olivia, Shawna & Morganna