Symphony Goes To School and…BEYOND!

Symphony Goes to School and…BEYOND!

The Symphony Goes to School Program offers phenomenal online resources and concert opportunities for K-12 students, private studios, and community music organizations.

This past season was a busy one with many wonderful education and outreach programs and events. From prelude performances at NSO shows to in school visits and 2 at capacity Play-In, Sing-In Jam Sessions, so much happened in 2017/2018. Be sure to check out our online teaching materials

Have a look at what went on this year!

Prelude Concerts at the Arts and Culture Centre
Play-In, Sing In Jam Sessions in January/ February; we had a Full House both sessions!
Marc David and the ASQ visit local schools
Make sure to check out her blog!
Amy Kay: NSO’s First Youth Ambassador; Check out her BLOG!!
Check out the blog about Music Week written by 3 Brookside Intermediate students!
Community Outreach: NSO Musicians performing at the Citizenship Ceremony on November 22, 2017

We had wonderful 2017/2018 season and got to meet so many amazing youth and give them the opportunity to learn and perform with NSO musicians.

If you would like more information about the Chevron Symphony Goes to School and…Beyond program please contact Jennifer Brennan.