Ema (she/they) began her musical journey in her home province of BC. Her passion for music has been inspired and supported by many of her early teachers, including Angela Schneider, Joan Blackman, Irina Faletski, and Robert Rozek and Joseph Elworthy, who led her youth ensemble experiences at the Vancouver Academy of Music. She also attended music programs such as Domaine Forget (Quebec) and Allegro Vivo (Austria), leading her to pursue post-secondary studies in music.

After completing an ARCT Diploma with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Ema obtained a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance at McGill University, studying under Mark Fewer. While in Montreal, she performed as a member of various ensembles including McGill’s Contemporary Music Ensemble, Opera Orchestra, and the Arts Undergraduate Theatre Society. During her studies, she also had the privilege of being coached by faculty members Douglas McNabney, Jean Marchand, Kyoko Hashimoto, and Richard Roberts. It was through playing chamber music at university that Ema picked up the viola, the instrument she now performs with as part of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra.

Besides her musical pursuits, Ema’s interest in culture led her to pursue studies in Education, English, and French language teaching. Balancing dual careers, Ema works to help others find purposeful work through her role as a career advisor at Memorial University. She enjoys engaging with the employer community, facilitating workshops, and supporting students, particularly international students, along their career journeys.

Fun Facts About Ema

When did you join the NSO?

Fall 2018.

Who inspired you to learn how to play?

My parents forced me! … But I would say besides my initial teachers, James Ehnes was a major inspiration.

What’s your favourite piece of classical/orchestral music?

It’s hard to pick favourites, but I gravitate towards pieces like Debussy’s “La plus que lente.”

If you could pick one artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

Patrick Watson (although I’ve technically been on stage with him already)!

What other non-musical creative outlets do you have?

I enjoy hiking, spending time with my dog, dragon boating, and, once upon a time, dabbled in quadball (formerly quidditch). Yes – it’s a thing, no – we don’t fly (yet), and yes – World Cup exists.