Hugh Donnan

Hugh joined the NSO as CEO in September of 2016 and has led the organization through an expansion of programs and concerts as well as a rebranding. Prior to joining the NSO Hugh worked in communications with the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and in marketing with Stratos.

In his private life, Hugh is active in the arts community as a member of Newman Sound Men’s Choir and is on the board of directors of Shallaway. He is also an active volunteer at the Anglican Cathedral.

Hugh and his wife Valerie live in St. John’s, and are the proud parents of Claire, Emmajane, and Anthony who are all actively involved in music.


How many years have you been with the NSO?


What's the best NSO concert or NSO moment?

My two favourite moments were our Spring Pops – The Final Frontier when Darth Vadar arrived accompanied by the NSO playing his theme; and when the NSO, PCNSO and soloists performed Carmina Burana – one of my absolute favourite pieces of music.

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