Sandra Pope

Sandra has been part of the NSO family since the age of 10 when she joined the NSO Junior String Orchestra! She holds a Bachelor & Masters degree in performance from Western University as well as an education degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Sandra teaches instrumental music as well as science at St Paul’s Junior High in St. John’s.

An avid runner, she enjoys spending early mornings on the city trails and exploring the great outdoors hiking, camping, fishing, and picking mushrooms.


How many years have you been with the NSO?


Who is your favourite composer?

J.S. Bach

What's the best NSO concert you have seen or been a part of?

There have been so many! When I was 17, I was part of the NSO’s first ever performance of Handel’s Messiah. Another favorite memory was when Canadian pianist Anton Kuerti performed all 5 Beethoven piano concerti. As he played, it became evident that one of the keys on the piano was badly out of tune. He stopped the orchestra, went offstage, grabbed his tuning wrench, came back onstage, tuned the piano, and we started up again. The audience loved it!

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