Daniel is a fourteen-year-old, grade nine student at St. Pauls Junior High. Daniel has a huge passion for music and it is a big part of his life. Daniel plays Piano, Trombone, and Euphonium in Symphonic and Jazz Band at school and he also participates in the Chamber Music Program at MUN with trombone. Although, Daniel loves playing low brass, he plays the piano the most. Daniel plays genres from Classical to Jazz to Musical Theatre to Pop. He really enjoys it and wishes to keep playing it throughout his life. Daniel is also a singer, actor and dancer, in which he sings in Shallaway Youth Choir and performs with local theatre companies such as Peter MacDonald Productions and Best Kind Productions. Some of his recent performances include Scrooge (2016-2018 PMP) Honk! (2016 BKP) James and the Giant Peach (2017 BKP) How do you get to Jellybean Row? (2018 BKP) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (as Joseph) (2019 BKP) and is performing in the upcoming production of Matilda by PMP! As you could already tell Daniel’s love for music is extremely high and he is beyond excited to take on the role as one of the NSO Youth Ambassadors for the 2019-2020 season.

Sophia is a grade nine student at St. Paul’s Junior High. Music is a very important aspect of Sophia’s life. Sophia’s main musical instrument in which she is most passionate about would be the saxophone, as she plays both alto and tenor sax in her school’s jazz band, jazz combo, and symphonic band. She has been playing the saxophone for a very long time and it is her favourite instrument of them all. She also takes private lessons with the well known saxophonist, Chris Harnett, mainly focusing in the genre of jazz. Sophia also loves listening to music in her free time with genres ranging from jazz, to musical theatre, to classical, and to pop. Sophia’s love and passion for music runs very strong and although orchestral music is somewhat new to her, she is absolutely thrilled to be participating in this year’s Youth Ambassador program and to enjoy the incredible music played by some of the best musicians in Newfoundland.

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NSO Youth Ambassador (NSOYouthAmbass)

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