The Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra believes classical music has the power to inspire everyone. Operting on this belief, we set out some time ago to bring new music to new audiences. To do so, we felt it was only suiting that we adopt a new brand identity as well.

Both traditional and forward-looking, we feel our new logo captures everything the public has come to expect from the NSO: Static and unchanging, the NS represents our quality musicianship and unwavering artistic integrity. Dynamic and varied in its design and treatment, the O captures the characteristic diversity of our performances, whose sounds, arrangements, and performers are everchanging.

Having enjoyed success thus far, the NSO will continue its quest to conquer new musical worlds and enthrall new, younger audiences, and we feel our new brand identity will be highly effective in helping us do so.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we thank the incredible team at the Idea Factory for their work evolving our brand, including their support in building a new strategy and direction for the NSO.

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