Lauren Smee is a violinist, personal trainer, and Body Mapping Educator based in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Lauren is passionate about sharing the joys of music and movement with her students, clients, and audiences. She is fascinated by the connections between mind and body and this infuses her work in both music and fitness. Her goal is to aid her students in developing a healthy relationship with the violin and to support her clients in developing a healthy relationship to exercise and their own bodies.

Lauren performs with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and the Isabella Project, initiative she co-founded with Carole Bestvater that celebrates the music that deserves to be prioritized more in the classical music world. Lauren teaches with the Suzuki Talent Education Program, where she has served two two-year terms as Artistic Director, and through her own studio, Lauren Smee Studio, where she offers violin, Body Mapping, and Personal Training.

Increasingly, Lauren is an avid fiddler and can often be found at a session downtown or jamming with friends.

Fun Facts About Lauren

When did you join the NSO?


Who inspired you to learn how to play?

I don’t really remember! My parents were both musicians so it was just always a part of my life.

What’s your favourite piece of classical/orchestral music?

I really love the Bach Chaconne. For orchestral music – it’s the pieces I have the greatest memories of playing- Mahler 1, Beethoven 5, and Scheherazade.

If you could pick one artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

In a dream world? Joni Mitchell. Or maybe Feist. Or early 2000s Broken Social Scene.

What other non-musical creative outlets do you have?

These days, so many. I am a personal trainer and I find the process of figuring out how to help people feel better in their bodies to be kind of creative. I love learning new things – last year I took some swing dance classes and this year I’m hoping to take tap dance. I love running and hiking and crochet and reading novels and playing with my kid. 🙂