Sinfonia 1: Stringin’ It, Presented by Event 3Sixty

The NSO welcomes bassist Frank Fusari to perform Cimador’s Concerto for Contrabass in the first Sinfonia of the Reimagining season.

The program also features de Saint-Georges’ Symphonie Concertante and Tchaikovsky’s beautiful Serenade for Strings.


Check out our digital pre-show Listen Up, hosted by Dale Jarvis. Listen as we go behind the scenes in interviews with the artists, musicians and composers behind our concerts. This concert features Frank Fusari, bass and Steve Power, the NSO’s Production Manager/Audio-Video Editor. Access Preshow Here

Unwind with a pre-show cocktail! This week’s feature is the Italian Screwdriver. Let our friends at Piatto Pizzeria and Enoteca show you how to channel your inner mixologist here!


About Frank Fusari: Originally from Kitchener, Ontario, Frank Fusari has been the principal bassist for the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and Sinfonia since 1994. Frank is a well-respected music educator in the community who’s work you will find on local albums and in live performances around the city. He performs regularly with many established local performers and groups including Sean Panting, Sandy Morris, Shallaway, Spirit of Newfoundland, the ASQ, Pat Boyle, Brad Jefford, and many others. Frank is also an accomplished accordion player.

About Saint-Georges’ Symphonie Concertante: The Global Black Lives Matter Movement has inspired musicians everywhere to shine a light on composers and performers that have been forgotten and underrepresented across Western and European music studies. Saint-Georges was a virtuoso violinist and conductor, who composed many instrumental works, operas and songs. Saint-Georges’ career took off when he composed Symphonie Concertante in G for two Violins, op. 13. The work is loved for its light texture, melodic phrases and elegance. Shortly after the French Revolution demanded equality for all men, Saint-Georges commanded a regiment of 1000 black soldiers in the revolutionary army—a fight that is as timely and relevant as ever. For additional info check out this video regarding Black Composers and Their Significance.

About Cimador’s Concerto for Contrabass: His Concerto for Contrabass is one of Cimador’s most beloved pieces. The three-movement work begins with the allegro, consisting of a melodic arpeggio and a melodic theme; leading into a lyrical larghetto and ending with a lively and exciting finale.

About Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings: Serenade for Strings has been a favourite of chamber orchestras since it was composed by Tchaikovsky. The first movement, pezzo in forma di sonatina, is characterized by it’s variety in dynamics, sounds and textures. The valse, features a graceful melody that is loved by classical musicians and audiences everywhere. The third movement, elégie, begins with a certain tonal ambiguity and builds dramatic tension leading to a solo violin cadenza. The finale of Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings incorporates a Russian folk song (On the Green Meadow), moving into a lively tune (Under the Green Apple Tree) before returning to the original descending motif of the piece.


'The Patio Series with Brian Way' Episode 52 Frank Fusari

NSO Sinfonia 1 - 2020

Sinfonia 1 Cocktail: Italian Screwdriver

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