Outreach Activities

The NSO is committed to supporting our local community and bringing our music out to a diverse range of groups and locations.

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Sensory Friendly Concert

An NSO annual concert with a specialized atmosphere catering to differently-abled individuals and those with neurodiversities.

Visits to Seniors Homes

The Atlantic String Quartet gives a series of short performances at seniors’ homes each season. To get involved in this program, recreation coordinators or organizers can contact Jennifer Brennan at jb@nsomusic.ca.

Orchestra Concert Outreach Program

The NSO provides long term care facilities both public and private and community organizations across the province free access to our digital concert series. This program, which began in fall 2020,  was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It serves to connect NL communities with the NSO and its virtual musical offerings thus providing much needed enjoyment and comfort during this period of isolation and uncertainty and will continue as part of our regular community outreach programming.

To get involved in this program, recreation coordinators or organizers can contact Jennifer Brennan at jb@nsomusic.ca.

Partnership with The Gathering Place

The NSO gives back to the community by collecting service items at concerts all season long which are then presented to The Gathering Place. The partnership also provides free concert tickets to clients of The Gathering Place. Click here for more information.

Public Library Outreach Program

The NSO has partnered with the NL Public Library to present the Books & Music series for community members, storytelling sessions, and other events throughout the season. We introduce and demonstrate various musical instruments that community members can borrow and check out from the Public Library Musical Instrument Lending program.

NL residents can use the NLPL Connect Pass program to book a pass for free admission to a wide range of museums, art galleries, parks, gardens, recreational facilities, performing arts shows, and sports games. Save money, have fun, and learn more about what Newfoundland and Labrador has to offer. All you need is an NLPL library card.


Access for New Canadians (CANOO)

The NSO partners with The Institute for Canadian Citizenship to offer free concert tickets to new Canadians through the new CANOO app https://www.inclusion.ca/program/canoo/

Citizenship Ceremonies

Orchestra and Philharmonic Choir members volunteer to spend time performing ‘O Canada’ and other selections at local Citizenship Ceremonies.

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