I cannot believe I got to experience this performance, Masterworks ll was stunning. This tribute for J. Herriott was amazing, those three brothers really are the three musical musketeers. With Mike Herriott on trumpet, Chuck Herriott acting, and Richard Herriott on piano. These three men are extremely phenomenal artists. Starting with Mike. His level of musicianship is mind blowing. He played every single note with confidence and really gave us a thrilling performance. His jazz standards are amazing as well. When the orchestra suddenly turned into full on swing jazz band my jaw dropped.  With a solid rhythm section, Mike delivered an amazing trumpet performance. Chuck was also incredible. His acting was spot on and his comedic timing was perfect. What a talented guy. Moving on to Richard. Richards way of playing the piano was way more than just hitting the right keys. He allowed us to feel the music in an emotional way. Richards passion for the piano was very present, he made us believe he loved the piano. It would be a shame to end my blog without mentioning Ofra Harnoy. Her intonation was impeccable and she played so fluently and beautifully, I literally got goosebumps. She was exceptional, it was an honor to hear her play. In conclusion, these masterworks keep getting better and better. Can’t wait for the next one!!

Daniel DC

Masterworks II, a tribute to John Herriott was definitely an experience to remember. The Herriott brothers are each extremely talented in their own ways, giving the concert a unique and heartwarming touch. Chuck’s acting was incredible and added a very humorous touch to the performance. His talent gave a comedic aspect that really brightened up the whole show. Every single word he said was exciting and full of enthusiasm! As well as Chuck, Richard is also an extremely talented individual. Although instead of acting, his talent was shown from his thrilling piano playing! His overwhelming passion for the instrument was absolutely phenomenal to watch as he played every note with such unbelievable emotion and depth. His performance was beautiful. The final brother by the name of Mike was just as incredible as the others. Mike’s tone on trumpet was marvelous, especially in the higher register. He played with such astonishing spirit and energy; it was truly inspiring to watch. Jazz is extremely fascinating to me, so when the orchestra abruptly began playing swing jazz, I was ecstatic! This musician is nothing short of magnificent and his playing truly took my breath away. As well as the brothers, the internationally-renowned cellist by the name of Ofra Harnoy was also exceptionally talented. Her playing was unreal with depth in each and every note. The musicians were not the only amazing aspect of this concert considering how many awesome people I got to meet during intermission! I loved talking about the performances with everyone and discussing our favourite aspects of the concert. In conclusion, I’m beyond grateful for this lovely experience and I’m excited for the next one!

Sophia W.

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