Wow, these shows really do get better and better every time! Starting off with one of the most iconic overtures of all time (Carmen Overture). There’s nothing better than going to the symphony and hearing some of your favourite recognizable pieces. The music played by the orchestra alone was excellent as always, every single section playing at their highest ability and working in harmony. However, there would be no point in writing this blog without mentioning the star of the show, the one and only David Pomeroy. This performance really impacted me because I myself am a vocalist and performer. I could talk about David Pomeroy for hours, but I have to try to write it all in this blog. Starting with his technique, he has so much talent and etiquette when it comes to singing. He never messes up one note and keeps the audience engaged with his thrilling enthusiasm and musicianship. He really is a gifted musician. Next, I’d like to talk about his expression. Not a lot of people realize that performing as a professional singer is not only the sound that comes from the performer’s mouth. It’s also one’s physical and facial appearance and expression. A singer’s job is usually to tell a story through song, and even though he sang in different foreign languages, he delivered so fluently what the song was trying to say. There were moments when he was joyful, there were moments where he was angry, he really gave us the full package. Going back to my point of hearing recognizable pieces at the orchestra, David performed one of the most famous tenor Arias in the world! (Nessun Dorma!). It was really outstanding when he sang the climactic phrase of the piece that everyone knows and loves. An ascending melody leading to the most powerful note of the evening. The whole audience was in awe, and they were probably thinking “I am so lucky I just got to hear that!”. Overall I was definitely inspired to keep singing and perhaps performing one of the arias David sang when I’m older. David Pomeroy really is a showstopper and I’m so glad I got to experience this jaw dropping “Night at the Opera”. Can’t wait for the next Masterworks! Thank you NSO again, for this amazing opportunity.

Daniel DC

Masterworks III: A Night at the Opera was absolutely fantastic. David Pomeroy is so unbelievably talented and his voice is immensely powerful. His passion was truly remarkable and the emotion that he portrayed in each piece was astounding. In every piece, he was able to show tremendously beautiful emotion with his dynamic tone and enthusiastic expressions. Not only was he hitting each and every note absolutely perfectly, but he was also telling the story of each song beautifully. Every time David Pomeroy walked onto the stage, the audience immediately became beyond thrilled to hear his wonderful voice once again. It was easy to tell that Pomeroy has been performing for a very long time. He knew exactly how to grab the audience’s attention with his outstanding emotion and intense expressions. His musical talent is simply remarkable. I have never heard such stunning opera singing in my entire life! Having the opportunity to see him perform was exceptionally fascinating considering how wonderful of a musician he is. Not to mention the incredible performance by the entire orchestra. Their playing was tremendous as always with such powerful dynamics and unbelievable skill overall. Personally, one of my favourite moments of the concert would have to be Madama Butterfly: Humming Chorus. This piece was so very calming and listening to it was heavenly. The Philharmonic Choir did an impeccable job with this lovely song and the voices blended absolutely beautifully together. Another one of my favourites would have to be Carmen: Overture. It is such an iconic piece and the orchestra performed it absolutely stunningly. It was extremely exciting to hear such a familiar and well-known piece. In conclusion, this Masterworks was a pleasure to attend. Each aspect of this concert was filled with delightful talent and captivating emotion. The passion shown by each performer was tremendous! David Pomeroy truly blew the crowd away with his incredible vocal control and compelling expressions. Masterworks III was definitely a concert to remember. I am so grateful to the NSO for this amazing experience and I am beyond excited for the next concert!

Sophia W.

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